LED Aquarium Lighting

LED is an acronym that stands for Light-Emitting Diode. LED lighting is low voltage, energy efficient, long lasting, and produces relatively little heat and consists of small diodes attached to a circuit board.

LED aquarium lighting is a popular do-it-yourself project. Commercial LED fixtures are available in a wide variety of options including single pendants, light rails and tubes, complete fixtures, and flood lights design to fit a standard E26/E27 screw in socket.

LED Spectrum

LED diodes are available in a wide range of colors enabling endles color combinations to create almost any spectrum desired. LED aquarium lighting can be broken down into two categories: the first is moonlight simulation and the second is daylight spectrum used as either primary or supplemental lighting.

LED Moonlights

Moonlight simulation can be accomplished with a small number of blue LED's. Usually only one or two LED's per square foot is all that is necessary to achive the night time affect. LED moonlights can be placed on a timer turn nightly during the dark period. Some aquarists get more sophisticated by using a programmable timer that allows for a 28 day moon cycle and having the LED moonlights turn on for only one week of the month to simulate a full moon.

LED Primary & Supplemental Lighting

LED fixtures for primary and supplemental aquarium lighting has been the most recent innovation to hit the aquarium lighitng market. LED manufacturers are now creating fixtures with upwards of hundreds of LED diodes and adjust the diode color ratios to maximize nm peaks.