Refugium Lighting


Most commonly used with saltwater aquariums, a refugium is a separate enclosed space that shares the same water suppy as the main tank. A refugium serves as a place of refuge for microfauna such as copepods, amphipods, mysis shrimp, and isopods that is free from predatory fish and invertebrates.

Nutrient Export

A refugium also serves as a method of nutrient absorption and exportation. Most refugiums contain plants and macro algae such as mangroves, chaetomorpha, halimeda, ulva lettuce algae, kelp, shaving brush plant, etc. The plants and marco algae feed on the nitrates and phosphates produced in the main tank. As the algae grows pruning it back effectively exports nutrients from the aquarium.

Refugium Lighting

It is important to maintain adequate lighting over the refugium to ensure vigorous and healthy growth of macro algae. Green algaes live in shallow water, usually within the first meter or two of water depth and prefer lighting with a daylight temperature of 6500 Kelvin degrees.

Par 38 Compact Fluorescent Floodlamp

Manufacturer: TCP
Color Temperature: 6500K Full Spectrum Daylight
Model #: TCP 2P3819-65
Watts: 19
Lumens: 950

Compact fluorescent floodlights are great refugium lights because they are safe for use in a wet environment when mounted in a floodlamp socket rated for outdoor use.

When purchasing a compact fluorescent floodlamp for your refugium spectrum is more important that wattage. You will experience much more robust macro algae growth with 6500K full spectrum bulbs than a standard compact fluorescent rated at 2000K-3000K.