Freshwater Aquarium Lighting

Fish Only Aquarium Lighting

Fish only freshwater aquariums do not need intense lighting. Some fish even prefer softer lighting and may become shy under intense lighting. Usually the stock fixture that comes with most aquariums is adequate when used with a bulb between 6500K-10000K in color temperature.

Operating the aquarium lighting on a shorter light schedule of only 6-10 hours per day will help deter the growth of nuisance algae.

Since fish are not photosynthetic organisms the choice of lighting is based more on asthetics. Normal output (NO) fluorescent or compact fluorescent (aka power compacts) usually prove to be adequate light sources for fish only aquariums.

Planted Aquarium Lighting

It is important to get bulbs with the correct spectrum for freshwater plants. Light emitted within the spectrum of 5500K-6500K is most like natural sunlight and will be of the most benefit to the plants. 4-6 watts per gallon is recommended for vigorous plant growth. Read More »