NO Normal Output Aquarium Lighting

Normal Output bulbs are standard wattage bulbs that usually come with many stock aquarium hoods.

Normal Output bulbs come in varying lengths, including but not limited to, 18", 24", 36", 48", and 72".

Fluorescent Starters

Most normal output fluorescent aquarium lighting does not require a ballast to operate.

Instead of ballast, a fluorescent starter is used to regulate the flow of electrical current through the lamp tube. Upon startup the fluorescent starter allows a higher level of electrical current to pass through the lamp to facilitate ignition.

Fish-Only Aquariums

Saltwater and freshwater fish-only aquariums do not require very intense lighting. Intense lighting will cause excessive algae growth and shy many fish from coming out in the open. The basic normal output lighting that comes standard with most aquariums will most likely be plenty of light for your fish-only aquarium.

Normal Output Lamp Length & Wattages

Bulb Length Bulb Wattage
18"(T8) 15 watts
24"(T8) 18 watts
24"(T12) 20 watts
36"(T12) 30 watts
48"(T12) 40 watts
72"(T12) 55 watts