T5 HO High Output Aquarium Lighting

When purchasing T5's ensure that you are getting High Output T5's (T5HO). All T5 bulbs must be run on an electronic ballast.

T5's have a higher lumen output than a VHO, generate less heat, and are more energy efficient. It has also been reported that T5's last considerably longer, between 2-3 years, with less degrade in lumen output.

At only 5/8" in diameter, more bulbs can fit under your tank's canopy.

T5 HO Lamp Length & Wattages

Bulb Length Bulb Wattage
22"(T8) 24 watts
34"(T8) 39 watts
46.5"(T12) 54 watts
58"(T12) 80 watts