VHO Very High Output Aquarium Lighting

Very High Output bulbs allow you to fit fewer bulbs over your tank and provide considerably more lumens as compared to NO bulbs. All VHO bulbs are 1.5" in diameter (T12).

VHO's, like all linear fluorescents, distribute the light evenly across the water surface, unlike metal halides which is a single point of light.

Another advantage to using VHO lighting is that they generate less heat as compared to Metal Halides. VHO bulbs generally will need to be replaced about every six months, or as according to the manufacturers recommendation.

VHO bulbs require a 1500ma VHO ballast to operate.

VHO Very High Output Lamp Length & Wattages

Bulb Length Bulb Wattage
24"(T8) 75 watts
36"(T8) 95 watts
46.5"(T12) 110 watts
48"(T12) 110 watts
60"(T12) 140 watts
72"(T12) 160 watts